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What My Dog Taught Me About God, by Fran A. Wood, is a collection of charming stories that combine humor with scriptural truth, life lessons and grief resolution---linked with the life and antics of a small dog named Bandit.  The book ponders God's marvelous love for us as compared to our own love for our pets---those wondrous creatures who capture our hearts and enrich our lives.  It's a wonderful gift for animal lovers, for anyone struggling with life's overwhelming issues, or for those grieving a loss.

The book details the author's journey through a spiritual wilderness coming to terms with her parents' proximate deaths, less than three months apart.  Readers say that they laugh and cry their way through the book; most say they didn't want it to end.  Happily, Bandit is alive and well at the end.  His photo (at 10 weeks of age) appears on the front cover; a more recent photo is on the back cover.


What readers are saying:

One of the best and most helpful books I have read in a long time.  I have purchased four already---one for me and three for family---and will probably buy a few more.  C.T., Florida  

I have read this book three times.  Each time it has touched me in a different way.  Most times with tears.  G.N., Florida  

What a great read!  I ran the gamut of emotions.  I love the picture of Bandit and have fallen in love with him!  M.R., North Carolina  

I could identify with so many stories this book covers concerning grief, love of family, family dynamics, and generally hitting rock bottom.  M.H., Georgia